RAD Collaborative - Actions


In the course of advancing RAD in Congress and with other policymakers, the Collaborative periodically calls upon its participants to help devise strategies and take supportive actions typically related to appropriations and other legislative and administrative opportunities such as these below.


6.01.19 RC Action! - Congress Advances RAD-Supporting Resources


3.27.18              RC Action! - What's New for RAD in the FY18 Omnibus Telecon

3.26.18              RC Action! - FY18 Omnibus--Ups RAD & LIHTCs, Plus New Section 18 Changes

3.21.18              RC Action! - Hope for RAD in Anticipated FY18 Omninbus

2.13.18              RC Action! - FY19 Budget & FY18 Approps Picture for RAD


12.21.17            RC Action! - Bonds Survive Tax Cut Bill

11.21.17            RC Action! - Take 2 Steps to Support RAD

11.08.17            RC Action! - Preserve Bonds & 4% LIHTCs

  9.14.17             RC Action! - Eliminate the RAD Cap in FY17

  9.06.17            RC Action! - Telecon: Make RAD Permanent in FY17


Support RAD in FY 2018 Appropriations Bill


  • With a reported "mega-bus" appropriations bill that includes THUD coming - now likely after a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) - it is very important to directly contact and urge your Senators and Representatives to adopt the Senate's proposals for eliminating the RAD cap, extending authority to Section 202/PRAC senior properties and holding to the recommended Public Housing Operating and Capital Funds levels in the eventual FY 2018 appropriations bill.

  • Here's a list of key decision makers in the Senate and House. Banking Committee and Financial Services Committee members should be asked to urge their colleagues on the respective Senate and Housing THUD committees to support the Senate's recommendations in a conference committee.

  • Additionally, here is a list of Congressional representation and their committee assignments for all PHAs that are on the new RAD waiting list of nearly 50,000 units. Regardless of their committee assignments, any/all of these members should be asked to urge their colleagues on the House and Senate THUD committee to adopt the Senate's RAD proposals in the final FY 2018 appropriations bills.

  • CLPHA FY18 Comparative Budget Chart