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April 2019

4.19 Tax Credit Advisor—San Francisco RAD Revisited

4.19 Tax Credit Advisor—NYCHA Doing RAD Sub Rehab without LIHTCs

4.19 Tax Credit Advisor—RAD Incongruity in HUD Budget

4.01.19 Casper HA Looks to RAD for Repositioning Effort

March 2019

3.29.19 Ann Arbor Converts All 400 Units to RAD

3.07.19 Durham ED Advocates for RAD in House Hearing

3.05.19 RAD Encourages Innovative Financing

February 2019

2.25.19 Boston HA & Nonprofit IBA Partner on 146-unit Preservation Project

2.24.19 North Little Rock Redeveloping 912 Units with RAD

2.20.19 Hot Springs (LA) HA Uses RAD to Improve Entire Inventory

2.05.19 RAP to RAD Conversion Completed in Neptune, NJ

January 2019

1.14.19 Dallas HA Enlists Development Partners for RAD Portfolio

1.10.19 Architect Profiles Chicago HA Senior Building Makeover Tapping RAD

1.07.19 Despite Tax Changes, RAD Works Well for Investors

1.08.19 HA of City of Pasaic Self-Develops Scattered-Site RAD Property

1.05.19 NYCHA Tenant Leaders Tour 1st RAD Conversion

1.02.19 Yazoo City HA (MS) Deploys $23M RAD Bond Issue for Repairs

December 2018

12.26.18 RAD Remains Top-10 News in 2018 Affordable Housing Finance

12.20.18 HA Baltimore City & Community Builders Open RAD Senior-Disabled Redevelopment

12.05.18 NYCHA, Hunt & Fannie Mae Use RAD to Preserve 1,000+ Units in the Bronx

November 2018

11.19.18 Yonkers Combines RAD & NY State Funds in 1,700 Unit Renovation Program

11.16.18 Affordable Housing Finance—Surprising Trajectory of RAD

11.15.18 NYCHA Steps Up RAD Use to Address Problem Properties

11.14.18 HA Baltimore City & Community Builders Tap RAD in Renovating Senior-Disabled Property

11.02.18 Camden HA Begins 2nd of 4-Phase of RAD Redevelopment

October 2018

10.09.18 Columbia HA (MO) Completes 3rd Phase of 717-Unit Renovations

10.08.18 HA City of Austin Transfer RAD Assistance to High Opportunity Neighborhood

10.08.18 Hornell HA (NY) Combines RAD with State $ to Renovate Scattered Sites

September 2018

9.28.18 HA City of Los Angeles Opens Jordan Downs 3rd Phase with RAD Subsidies

9.27.18 Richmond HA & CPDC Use Transfer of Assistance in $30 Million Redevelopment

9.20.18 Affordable Housing Finance—RAD Hits 100,000-Unit Milestone

9.11.18 Minneapolis ED Clarifies How RAD Works

9.11.18 Cocoa HA (FL) Uses RAD for Turnaround

9.07.18 Tips in Avoiding RAD Development Pitfalls

August 2018

8.14.18 80-Year Old Project Rebuilt with RAD in Austin

July 2018  

  7.28.18    Phenix City HA (GA) Rebuilding 166 Units with RAD

  7.20.18    Richmond HA & CPDC Continuing to Use RAD in Overhaul  

  7.19.18    Elm City Celebrates Opening of New Mixed-Income/Mixed-Use RAD Project

  7.18.18    Fort Worth RAD Redevelopment Driving TOD Project

  7.18.18     Waukegan HA to Use RAD for Major Sub Rehab

June 2018 

   6.30.18     RAD Key to Continuing Redevelopment by San Bernardino County HA 

  6.26.18     Alexandria HA (LA) Uses RAD to Transform Inventory  

May 2018

5.09.18 Affordable Housing Finance-What RAD for PRAC Promises   

5.01.18      Novogradac's 3 Ideas to Build on RAD's Success

April 2018  

   4.09.18    RAD Underpins $75 Million Renovations by Cook County HA

               4.05.18    RAD & Choice $ Support Final Phase of Columbus MHA Transformation

   4.01.18    Progress of Preservation--Tax Credit Advisor

March 2018  

   3.29.18    Little Rock Begins $60 million, 597-Unit RAD Renovations

February 2018  

  2.25.18    Rep. Price Lauds Durham's RAD Renovations 

2.05.18 Newport News RHA Invests $37 Million in RAD Renovations

January 2018  

    1.25.18    Greensboro HA (NC) Closes on 645-Unit RAD Conversion

    1.17.18    HA of City of Camden Opens New RAD Project

                 1.03.18    AHF Names RAD Top 10 Story in 2017 

December 2017

              12.18.17    Fannie & Freddie Publish "Duty to Serve" Plans

12.18.17 RAD Used to Preserve 171-Unit RAP Project in NJ

              12.15.17     Novogradac Summary of Tax Bill Conference

            12.13.17 Yonkers HA Begins 1700-Unit/$300 Million RAD Renovations

              12.04.17     Fort Collins HA Closes on 285-Unit RAD Conversion

November 2017

              11.16.17     Fannie & Freddie Re-Enter LIHTC Market in Support of Duty to Serve

11.14.17      Former Rep Rick Lazio Calls for Enhancing RAD in Tax Bill        

11.07.17      DeKalb County HA Promotes Economic Integration with RAD

               11.01.17      Lakewood (NJ) HA Renovates & Builds New with RAD

October 2017

               10.17            Berkeley Terner Center  Issues Report on RAD in San Francisco

               10.27.17     RAD Cited as Template for Public-Private Partnerships

               10.18.17      El Paso HA Uses RAD to Convert Office Tower to Affordable Housing

              10.11.18      Ypsi Housing Commission Revamps Portfolio with RAD

September 2017

                9.25.17     HUD Sets February 2018 for Use of E-Tool in RAD Conversions

                9.24.17      New Haven HA Forms 360 Management

                9.23.17      Southern Nevada Regional Housing Makes Over Portfolio with RAD

                9.20.17      RAD ToA Used to Redevelop Senior Housing in Richmond

                9.15.17       HUD RAD Team Named Finalists for Public Service Award