Rent Supp, RAP, and Mod Rehab



All 2nd-component Rent Supp, RAP and Mod Rehab eligible properties—

  • Can now convert to either PBV or PBRA contracts
  • Have a 5-year “retroactive” option for converting properties that may have been forced to issue Tenant Protection Vouchers (TPVs) to residents of properties with earlier contract terminations
  • And, for Mod Rehab, McKinney SRO Mod Rehab properties are now eligible for conversion


Follow instructions carefully in the Revised RAD Notice section for 2nd component conversions

  • Mod Rehab [Section II, pp 138-162]
  • Rent Supp & RAP [Section III, pp 171-203]


The Mod Rehab, Rent Supp & RAP inventories—comprising nearly 40,000 units nationwide



What's closed when & where under the 2nd component so far