RAD Application

The RAD application process is completed and submitted online

PHAs participating in RAD for the first time are encouraged to watch the very helpful "Public Housing Application" webcast, which can be viewed here. In completing the online Application

  • Click on the state in which the RAD project(s) is located and follow the instructions therein
  • In filling in the Development numbers in Section 1, many of the lines will self-populate
  • Check that the rents are the 2016 RAD  Rents with the 2017 and 2018 OCAF adjustments
  • Enter the proposed Development and Operating Budgets information
  • For any questions not addressed in the Directions, consult the RAD Resource Desk for additional information and a well-populated, searchable Q&A database. Requests for other needed information or questions can emailed directly to the RAD Resource Desk—and are typically answered in 24 to 48 hours: 
  • If a Mixed-Finance conversion application, secure the required partner(s) signature on the indicated Mixed-Finance affidavit


Letter of Interest in Lieu of Application

Whenever HUD is maintaining a waiting list for RAD, PHAs may now submit a “Letter of Interest” (LoI) identifying the projects and units for which it is interested in applying. This submission reserves a PHA’s spot on the waiting list based on the date the LoI was submitted. Guidance on RAD LoIs can be accessed here.