Southeast Regional RAD+ Convening - Fall 2019

Greensboro Housing Authority—Woodland Village Redevelopment

Greensboro Housing Authority—Woodland Village Redevelopment

Thanks to the 200+ attendees who joined us in Greensboro September 11 to 13 for highly informative and engaging discussions with HUD, state FHAs, industry partners and a range of PHA practitioners—from those with several RAD conversions completed to those exploring RAD and re-positioning options. A special thanks goes to our local host—the Greensboro Housing Authority—and local sponsors who made the Southeast Regional Convening a success—and a rich opportunity to learn a bit about Greensboro’s history in the civil rights movement.

For both those that attended and those that missed the Convening, materials that we reviewed and discussed include:


In a follow up to a Friday AM “Deeper Dive” session on re-positioning strategies, moderator Grey Byrne/Recap Office has provided some promised follow-on answers to the many in-depth questions and scenarios d discussed then, which can be found here.

Finally, many thanks to our local host and sponsors for making the Southeast Regional Convening possible!


Northwest Regional RAD+ Convening - Winter 2019

Portland Convening 2019.jpg

Over 140 attendees gathered in Portland and Vancouver over three days from February 27 to March 3 to explore the latest practice and policy insights into what’s become “RAD+” — an impressive array of mixed-income/mixed-use/preservation developments and cross-sector collaborations being undertaken along with RAD and Section 18 conversions of assistance.

Attendees heard from HUD’s Recap Office and SAC directors about the forthcoming RAD notice revisions and other news; learned about the growing roles of the states of Oregon, California and Washington in supporting RAD+ and cross-sector collaborations in healthcare, education, employment and more; and joined in wide-ranging discussions with leading practitioners about an impressive array of preservation and redevelopment projects being undertaken by PHAs and their partners throughout the Northwest—looking at both what’s been achieved and what’s needed ahead for RAD.

Materials from the Convening include:

Many thanks to our local hosts while in Portland & Vancouver for helping with an engaging and successful RAD+ Convening !

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Columbus Regional Convening - Summer 2018  

RC Columbus Convening A 7-17-18.jpg
RC Columbus Convening B 7-17-18.jpg

With thanks to our local hosts--Ohio Capital Corporation, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, National Church Residences, RED Capital and support of our national sponsors--the RAD Collaborative Columbus Convening was joined by 150+ practitioners from all over the Midwest--and places beyond. Tom Davis, Director of HUD's Recap Office and Jane Hornstein, Director of  HUD's Special Application Center, spent  the day with us as roundtable discussions and interviews drilled into RAD’s new authority and latest guidance—including extension to the Section 202 PRAC inventory—and how to blend Section 18 Demo-Dispo with RAD in a fast-changing landscape. Special thanks to CMHA  for hosting an engaging discussion of their varied RAD implementation efforts in Columbus the day prior to the main convening.

Much-requested materials from the Convening can be found below, including a HUD update on the new RAD and Section 18 changes. 

Thanks to our other national supporters for making the Columbus Convening possible--and a great success!--NEF, CLPHA, Reno & Cavanaugh, CF Housing Group, HAI Group, Dominion Due Diligence, POAH, Community Builders & Brookline Housing Authority. 

Philadelphia Regional Convening - Spring 2018

The RAD Collaborative and CLPHA were pleased to serve as strategic sponsors to the Novogradac-organized RAD Public Housing Conference in Philadelphia on April 26-27. The day-and-a half session addressed a range of RAD matters of interest to both those new to RAD and those transforming their PHAs into conventional Section 8-LIHTC owners-developers-managers and resident services coordinators.

Click here to see the conference agenda and access many helpful presentations. And listen in here to Michael Novogradac talking with Tom Davis of the Recap Office at the Philadelphia convening about RAD’s implementation progress and changes to date.

As the regional convening in Philadelphia proved a productive forum, please join us for our Summer Regional Convening in Columbus, OH, July 16-17.

Tom Davis keynotes the RC & CLPHA-sponsored Novogradac RAD conference in Philadelphia

Tom Davis keynotes the RC & CLPHA-sponsored Novogradac RAD conference in Philadelphia

RAD Practice Day 2017 - Fall 2017

Over 130 RAD practitioners, prospective applicants, HUD officials, policy makers and other affordable housing interests  joined in the Fall 2017 RAD Practice Day on October  18 in Washington, DC.  Charged with devising recommendations for making RAD a permanent initiative in town-hall style working sessions, participants focused on enhancing RAD's  planning-development-financing, conversion and post-implementation activities at greater scale. In an encouraging closing remarks followed by an engaging conversation with former HUD Secretary and OMB Director, Shaun Donovan, Senator Susan Collins of Maine outlined why she is seeking to make RAD a permanent option in the pending FY 2018 appropriations bill--along with her perspectives on making  tough calls in our current political environment.  Dubbing herself one of RAD's original "RAD Sisters" (along with Senator Patty Murray of Washington),  the Collaborative and CLPHA jointly presented Senator Collins with its inaugural affordable housing leadership award. Practice Day materials can be accessed below.

Sen Collins Accepts Award.png

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) Offers Keynote Remarks

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) Offers Keynote Remarks

RAD Practice Day - Fall 2016

On November 16, 2016 over 130 housing authorities, lenders, investors, developers, advisers/consultants, counsel, and others joined together in a day-long session with numerous HUD staff and former officials focused on continuing RAD's successful implementation and advancing RAD in the next Administration and Congress.  For a video stream of key sessions and discussions provided by the HAI Group, click here.

El Paso, TX

El Paso, TX

RAD Practice Day - Spring 2016

On April 6, 2016 the RAD Collaborative held its first RAD Practice Day. Over 120 participants, including housing authorities, lenders, investors, developers, advisers/consultants, counsel, and more joined together in an afternoon-long session focused on "Building on How Far We've Come".