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10.10.17          Senator Collins & Shaun Donovan to Join RAD Practice Day

8.23.17          HUD Publishes Notice on Additional RAD Authority

7.28.17          Senate THUD Calls for Eliminating RAD Cap in FY18

3.31.17          Forum--RAD & New Admin


RAD News

May 2018

5.09.18 Affordable Housing Finance-What RAD for PRAC Promises   

5.01.18      Novogradac's 3 Ideas to Build on RAD's Success

April 2018  

4.09.18    RAD Underpins $75 Million Renovations by Cook County HA

4.05.18    RAD & Choice $ Support Final Phase of Columbus MHA Transformation

4.01.18    Progress of Preservation--Tax Credit Advisor

March 2018  

3.29.18    Little Rock Begins $60 million, 597-Unit RAD Renovations

February 2018  

2.25.18    Rep. Price Lauds Durham's RAD Renovations 

2.05.18 Newport News RHA Invests $37 Million in RAD Renovations

January 2018  

1.25.18    Greensboro HA (NC) Closes on 645-Unit RAD Conversion

1.17.18    HA of City of Camden Opens New RAD Project

1.03.18    AHF Names RAD Top 10 Story in 2017 

December 2017

12.18.17    Fannie & Freddie Publish "Duty to Serve" Plans

12.18.17 RAD Used to Preserve 171-Unit RAP Project in NJ

12.15.17     Novogradac Summary of Tax Bill Conference

12.13.17 Yonkers HA Begins 1700-Unit/$300 Million RAD Renovations

12.04.17     Fort Collins HA Closes on 285-Unit RAD Conversion

November 2017

11.16.17     Fannie & Freddie Re-Enter LIHTC Market in Support of Duty to Serve

11.14.17      Former Rep Rick Lazio Calls for Enhancing RAD in Tax Bill        

11.07.17      DeKalb County HA Promotes Economic Integration with RAD

11.01.17      Lakewood (NJ) HA Renovates & Builds New with RAD

October 2017

10.17            Berkeley Terner Center  Issues Report on RAD in San Francisco

10.27.17     RAD Cited as Template for Public-Private Partnerships

10.18.17      El Paso HA Uses RAD to Convert Office Tower to Affordable Housing

10.11.17     Ypsi Housing Commission Revamps Portfolio with RAD

September 2017

9.25.17     HUD Sets February 2018 for Use of E-Tool in RAD Conversions

9.24.17      New Haven HA Forms 360 Management

9.23.17      Southern Nevada Regional Housing Makes Over Portfolio with RAD

9.20.17      RAD ToA Used to Redevelop Senior Housing in Richmond

9.15.17       HUD RAD Team Named Finalists for Public Service Award

August 2017

8.29.17      San Francisco Residents Pleased with RAD

8.07.17      RAD a Lifeline for Nashville Public Housing

8.03.17     Columbia HA Receives Innovation Award for RAD

8.02.17      NYCHA Redevelops Large Ocean Bay Project with RAD & Sandy $

July 2017

7.21.17      Yonkers HA Launches 1700-Unit RAD Renovation Plan

7.20.17      Residents Happy with San Francisco RAD Approach

June 2017

 6.27.17       Pawtucket HA & Partners Close 1st RAD Transaction

 6.23.17       Dayton Using RAD to Renovate High Rises

 6.20.17       Trump Cuts a Mistake Given RAD Success

 6.14.17       NYCHA Uses RAD to Rehab Sandy-Damaged Project

 6.14.17        Ann Arbor Uses RAD for Replacement Housing

 6.13.17        City of Santa Barbara HA Completes 1st RAD Project

 6.13.17        RAD 2 Used for 494-Unit Preservation Project in Bronx

May 2017

5.24.17       NYCHA to Renovate 1700 Brooklyn & Bronx Units Via RAD PACT

5.16.17        RAD Generates $4B in Capital to Date

5.11.17       RAD Capital Investment Doubles in Last Year

5.09.17       1st RAD Project Completed in Baltimore

5.08.17        Love Funding Closes RAD 2 Senior-Disabled Project in NJ

5.05.17       El Paso HA Completes 1st Phase of Largest RAD Conversion

April 2017

4.24.17          Gloverville HA Sees RAD Future

4.21.17                 RAD Changing Political & Policy Dynamic--Tax Credit Advisor

4.21.17           Hot Springs Begins $22 Million RAD Renovation   

4.21.17           HUD Investigates Hopewell RAD Questions

 4.18.17           Troy Housing Authority Under Construction on 112-Unit RAD Project

4.11.17            RAD 2 Used to Turnaround Troubled Staten Island Property

March 2017   

 3.29.17            Troy HA & Partners Close on 104 RAD Units

 3.23.17            HA of Springfield on RAD Waitlist to Renovate 766 Units

 3.07.17            Cleveland Metropolitan Completes Bohn Tower Using RAD   

February 2017

2.24.17            Columbus Begins Multi-Site RAD Renovations 

2.15.17           Creative RAD Financing Used in Newport News

2.10.17            Salisbury Begins Replacement Housing with RAD  

2.07.17            Maricopa County & Gorman Team Up on RAD Redevelopment 

2.01.17            Philly HA & Michaels  Begin 470-Unit RAD Project

January 2017

1.31.17            Atlantic City Looks to RAD to Rebuild

1.19.17            NYCHA Using RAD for Further Preservation 

1.17.17            Love Funding Closes Large RAD 2 Project in VA

1.06.17             Sante Fe Begins $30 Million RAD Conversion

1.04.17            Portsmouth Redevelopment Closes Initial RAD Phase

December 2016    

12.19.16          Paterson, NJ RAD Deal Done for the Holidays

12.15.16          Austin Resident Pretty Happy with New RAD Unit

12.15.16         NJ PHAs Use and Muse about RAD

November 2016

11.29.16         AHF Assess LIHTC & Tax Reform at Annual Summit

11.28.16       1st Phase of Arrowhead Grove RAD Project Opens in San Bernardino

11.03.16        RAD in San Francisco "Just a Blessing" 

11.03.16       San Francisco Completes RAD with Private Partners

11.02.16       El Paso Breaks Ground on Next RAD Project

11.02.16       Mayor Lee Reflects on Preserving SF Public Housing with RAD

October 2016

10.28.16      San Francisco Begins Second Phase of RAD Public Housing Initiative

10.18.16      Deerfield Beach HA Begins Major RAD Renovation Project

September 2016

9.25.16       HA of El Paso Moves to Next Phase of $400 Million RAD Program

9.24.16      Pike HA Turns to RAD as Best Option

9.22.16      New York State to Offer Funds in Support of RAD

9.21.16      RAD Drawing New Capital - Affordable Housing Finance

9.21.16      RAD Succeeding According to Study - Wall Street Journal

9.21.16      Birmingham Transforming Public Housing with RAD

 9.21.16       Obama Program Being Used by NYCHA

 9.08.16      One-Quarter of MD Projects Use RAD

 9.07.16   AHF RAD Interview with Patrick Costigan

August 2016

8.26.16      NYCHA Looks to RAD as Transition Tool

8.17.16      Kingsport HA to Renovate or Replace 450 Units with RAD

8.16.16        Austin HA Addresses Residents RAD Concerns

8.10.16       Monterey County HA to Use RAD for Upgrades

July 2016

7.29.16   Cambridge HA Kicks of $150 Million Phase I RAD Redevelopment of Entire Portfolio

7.26.16   Baltimore HA Showcases Progress in $250 Million Campaign to Overhaul 4,300 Units with RAD

7.14.16   Former Congressman Rick Lazio Sees RAD as Promising Path

7.12.16    Lansing Housing Commission Considers RAD for Renovating Troubled Complex

7.03.16   Evansville HA Making $18.2 Million in Improvements to Large Portfolio with RAD

7.02.16   Anne Arundel County, MD Uses RAD to Renovate Deteriorating Properties

7.01.16  San Francisco RAD Portfolio Conversion Nominated as Finalist for Public Housing Redevelopment

June 2016

6.20.16   Loveman Village in Birmingham Uses RAD to Reposition Property

6.08.16   Cambridge Housing Authority Uses RAD for Its Largest Renovation Project

6.07.16   Pimlico Apartments to Get Makeover with RAD

May 2016

5.18.16   Lansing Housing Commission Looking for RAD to Help

5.16.16   RAD at 3 (the Collaborative's Patrick Costigan takes an in depth look at RAD's implementation to date)

5.15.16   Decatur Housing Authority Uses RAD to Renovate Riverside Towers  

5.12.16   $22 million for San Bernardino RAD Project

5.02.16   Hollins House RAD Project Breaks Ground in Baltimore

5.01.16   RAD is the Rage - Tax Credit Advisor, Special Focus on RAD

April 2016

4.27.16   Asheville Commits $33 million to Overhaul of Public Housing

4.27.16   One year later, Union City Housing Authority anticipation $12 M from RAD  

March 2016

3.31.16     RAD Hits $2 Billion Milestone

3.16.16     Mobile's planned public housing model successful in Georgia

3.01.16     Rebuilding Baltimore - Going RAD - Tax Credit Advisor

February 2016

2.09.16     Elgin project end of traditional public housing

December 2015

12.01.15     2015 Public Housing Investment Update: RAD Program

November 2014

11.04.14     "Perspectives on RAD" - Bipartisan Policy Center